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Danube Governance Conference 2021 - Towards European integration with the SDGs

28th of January 2021
Location: Online Conference

DGC21 hopin registration.png

About the Conference

The Danube Governance Conference: Towards European integration with the SDGs is the final event of the program Building Administrative Capacities in the Danube Region and Western Balkans (BACID), co-funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation and implemented by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns and KDZ Centre for Public Administration Research.
At this occasion we would like to gather stakeholders with whom we have been cooperating in the past years to discuss the topics identified as priorities in improving governance in the countries of the Region on the way to European integration and how the Sustainable Development Goals support this process. Besides ministries, local governments, NGOs and other organisations from the Western Balkans, the event will bring together our partner public institutions and private organisations from the whole Danube Region, as well as representatives of the EU and international organisations that are supporting European integration and public administration reforms in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova.
Our partners are invited to present their challenges and achievements and discuss possible solutions to be further developed through future collaborative activities.

Structure of the conference

  • Opening with the status of EU integration of the Western Balkan countries followed by a panel discussion on local government responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the Region.
  • Parallel Sessions with local actors working towards implementing the Agenda 2030

Four sessions on different topics regarding SDGs and local governments:
- Governance and democracy
- Climate adaptation and Smart Cities
- Participation and civil society
- Local economic development

An inner circle of speakers from partner organisations will discuss the given topic, participants can join in the discussion via chat or video.

  • Expo booths with presentations of organisations and projects

The participants are encouraged to promote their projects and/or organisations via Google slides or video presentations. Presentation of the projects through online booths and networking possibilities in order to develop further project ideas and networking.
In the afternoon breaks there will be a chance for selected projects to be in the spotlight. In 30-minute slots BACID Fund grantees and other partners can present their projects live and with more interaction.


Please download the agenda here.

Further Information

Please find here materials of the forum:


Materials of the Breakout Session I

File:DGH Forum - Breakout Session I.pdf

Photo gallery