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Conference "Unlocking Benefits of PUBLIC PARTICIPATION in decision-making"

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Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation in decision-making, June 11th 2018, Vienna City Hall

Twitter: #WBPublicParticipation

About the Forum

50 representatives of Ministries for Public Administration in Western Balkan Countries meet with experts on June 11th in Vienna to further develop "public participation" in their countries.

The event aims at increasing awareness on the regional standards in the field of public participation in policy-making process,
highlighting the significance of the recently adopted Western Balkans Recommendation on Public Participation in achieving Better Regulation.

The basis for the discussion will be the "Recommendation on Public Participation in Policy-Making Process for Western Balkans" from RCC and ReSPA.

The conference is a jointly organisied by RCC, ReSPA, KDZ-Center for Public Administration Research and BACID.


Please download the agenda here ==> Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation - AGENDA, June 11

Further Information

Link to the Conference ==> RCC

Link to BACID-News ==> NEWS: Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation in decision-making

==> RCC: Legal Max on Western Balkans Recommendation on Public PArticipation in Policy-Making Process
==> RCC's Rule of Law

WB Recommendations ==> WB Recommendation on Public Participation

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