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CAF Action Plan Workshop with ReSPA

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Name CAF Action Plan Workshop with ReSPA
Country Montenegro
Programme Component Danube Governance Hub
Year 2018
Priority Theme EU Integrations
Topic EU Integrations
Implementing Organisations KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research
Partner Organisations ReSPA - Regional School of Public Administration
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CAF Action Plan Workshop with ReSPA



Objectives and results

The objective is for the members of the self-assessment group to select from the list of improvement actions which of the listed proposals can be implemented quickly and easily (“Quick Wins”). In a next step, the remaining suggestions for improvement are prioritized by the members of the self-assessment team.
The results are a list of 13 Quick Wins and 10 Improvement Actions, which will be implemented in the the next 2 years.

Implemented activities

  • CAF Action Plan on July 24th 2018

Available materials

Further information and contact

Thomas Prorok
Head of the CAF-Center Austria
phone: +43 1 892349218 - -