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Videos from Regional Conference "Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation" in Vienna, June 11th 2018


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Regional Conference "Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation"

In an attempt to increase awareness of regional standards in the field of public participation in policy-making processes in the Western Balkans (WB),
the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) together with the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA),
and the Centre for Public Administration Research (KDZ) of Austria organised a Regional Conference
titled ‘Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation in the Western Balkans’, which was opened in Vienna yesterday.

The purpose of the event is also to highlight the significance of the recently adopted Western Balkans Recommendation on Public Participation in achieving Better Regulation.

The Conference brought together heads of units from ministries of justice, ministries in charge of public administration,
ministries/governmental offices in charge of European Integration, as well as representatives of Center of Government institutions from all Western Balkans economies.

Videos from the conference

Mag. Thomas Prorok on the issue of:


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