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Tool:SMP – Strategic Municipal Planning


Community planning sets out the vision and ambitions of the Municipality for the medium-term.  In preparing a Strategic Municipal plan, a local authority needs to establish what local stakeholders want, what is achievable within the allocated resources and define a future vision. This toolkit provides guidance for preparing such a plan based on a five step plan. This Toolkit outlines the steps and actions involved in developing a municipal vision and Strategic Plan as well as the related performance indicators to be developed to make sure that

such a plan is successfully implemented and foreseen objectives met. The Toolkit is ased on the conclusions and data collected thanks to Strategic Municipal Planning and Performance Management Programmes implemented by the Council of Europe in lbania, Armenia, Georgia as well as Serbia in some cases, with the participation of French pilot municipalities and with the support of the respective National Association of Local Authorities as well as various international stakeholders, in particular the OSCE Presence in Albania, the Open Society Institute (Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative) and the Norwegian Association of Municipalities and Regions (KS). This Toolkit is first focusing on Strategic Municipal Planning and then on performance management mechanisms. Examples of good practices as well as related planning and performance tools to be used individually or in peers also available in Appendices.


Tool details

Name SMP – Strategic Municipal Planning
Type Guideline, Assessment
Tool topic Policy-making & Strategy, Performance management
Keywords Toolkit, Self Assessment, Methodology, Best Practices, Institutional Capacity, Strategic Planning, Vision
Institution Council of Europe
Year 2012
Target group local
Related File Toolkit.pdf
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