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Regional Quality Centre


Within BACID II project KDZ supports the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) in building up a Regional Quality Center in the region.
ReSPA has been entrusted with the mission of boosting regional cooperation in the field of public administration in the Western Balkan countries.

The RESPA Governing Boardsupports the establishment of the Regional Quality Center.
A Feasibility Study on establishment of Regional QM Center has been drafted and presented to ReSPA and EC Commission representatives (DG NEAR)
on September 7th at the meeting in Brussels, with clear recommendation to implement the initiative.

While the first steps are proposed with the Study, a hands-on experts’ support is needed to make this plan operational.
Therefore KDZ as the Austrian National CAF-Center and its experts work closely with ReSPA to implement the Regional Quality Center,
to support CAF Pilot assessments, to serve as knowledge disseminators and trainers in the region and proposes improvement measures.
KDZ supports ReSPA through mentoring and know-how transfer with activities such as:

  • Transforming the strategic objectives into operational goals and work plan for RQC
  • Defining Tasks and Responsibilities of RQC
  • Setting up RQC-Website (Respaweb)
  • Delivering workshops on important implementing issues for RQC, e.g. PEF, Database, Quality Competition, Supporting national Quality/CAF Centers etc.
  • Mentoring for the Quality Coordinator for ReSPA
  • Implementing CAF Pilot Assessments in the Western Balkan countries
  • Setting up national CAF correspondents network
  • Preparing, implementing a forum of CAF/QM correspondents

Results, activities and impact of this project will be published on