NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Summer School 2016

Name NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Summer School 2016
Country The whole region
Programme Component LOGON
Year 2016
Priority Theme Sustainable City
Topic Sustainable City - Municipal Finances
Implementing Organisations NALAS - Network of Associations of Local Authorities of the South-East Europe
Partner Organisations
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NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Summer School 2016

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Objectives and results

The third edition of the NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Summer School, supported by the BACID Programme through the expert support, focused on Improvement of Multi-annual and Investment Budgeting in SEE. The purpose of the event was to deepen the analytical skills of municipal finance experts and stakeholders from South East Europe, especially the members of the NALAS Task Force on Fiscal Decentralisation.

As a result of the third edition of the Summer School, around 60 participants from the region improved their knowledge on methods and tools of municipal budgeting in this way, NALAS fulfills its role as a pillar dimension coordinator of the "Governance for Growth" of the SEE2020, a strategy that focuses on economic growth.

Implemented activities

The event was organised in the period of 10-15 July 2016 in Ohrid, Macedonia.
BACID programme supported this activity by financing two lecturers: Mr. Gjorgji Josifov, Assistant Vice President/Analyst within the Sub-Sovereign Group and Mehmet Onur Partal, expert in Istanbul Development Agency.
Together with the experts of the World Bank, important topics relevant to investment budgeting were tackled at the event, such as:

  • the need for stability and predictability of national and local public policies,
  • long-term capital investment planning at local government level;,
  • alignment of local strategies, budgets and capital investment needs with local government sectoral policies,
  • establishing and maintaining the process of capital investment and funding,
  • introduction to Multiannual versus Annual budgeting,
  • methods and tools for revenue and expenditure forecasting,
  • municipal infrastructure investments contributing to sustainable economic growth,
  • Alternative project financing methods, and much more.

Available materials

Here you can download the documents about the event:

Further information and contact

More information about the event can be found at NALAS webpage:
Natasha Ilijeva Acevska
tel. +389 23090818

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