NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Report 2018

Name NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Report 2018
Country The whole region
Programme Component LOGON
Year 2018
Priority Theme
Topic EU Integrations
Implementing Organisations NALAS - Network of Associations of Local Authorities of the South-East Europe
Partner Organisations
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NALAS Fiscal Decentralisation Report 2018

Implemented activities

BACID supported the new edition of the Fiscal Decentralisation Report for South East Europe. The report reveals the revenues and expenditures of local governments in 12 countries. It shows that in the last years the fiscal indepence of local governments in general decreased. Between 2006 and 2017 the own and shared taxes fell by 5,5 percent points and the sectoral grants increased by 6 percent points. Many more interesting figures can be found in the report. New is the allocation of local expenditures according to the Classification of the Functions of Government Methodology (COFOG).

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