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Inclusive Cities for Local Communities: Revitalizing the vacant spaces in Lezha

Name Inclusive Cities for Local Communities: Revitalizing the vacant spaces in Lezha
Country Albania
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 2 (2019)
Year 2020
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals
Topic Economic and social development
Implementing Organisations WONDERLAND – Platform for European Architecture, E.T.M.I. – Environmental and Territorial Institute of Management
Partner Organisations Municipality of Lezha, Share Architects and Kreative Räume Wien
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Inclusive Cities for Local Communities: Revitalizing the vacant spaces in Lezha

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Project description

We develop a new way of revitalizing vacant spaces, by establishing new practices and knowhow transfer involving public authorities and other relevant stakeholders. The interdisciplinary action wants to remove the inefficiency of unused spaces changing the perspective and giving wider sustainability. It’s a mix of cultural affairs and science, economy and finance, city planning and development.

The project partners and experts will work from distance and prepare the content for an exchange workshop. The three-day workshop (Project Space) will bring the Viennese expertise to Lezha to meet the local actors and experts, knowledge and situation (legal, financial, political). They will work on a strategy and concept for Lezha. The final output of the workshop will be a description of a process “Using the potential of Lezha: the way to establish an Agency for the vacant spaces in Tirana”.

The Workshop shall be a starting point to set up an Agency dedicated to vacant. Depending on the current situation, the local expertise and capacity, the local municipality can

a) Either start working on the local agency model for their municipality during the workshop

b) Or learn in a realistic scenario how it would work and start the process at a later time period.



Objectives and results

Goal: The project goal is to inspire the local municipality to utilize dormant potentials of vacancy and learn from living examples in Vienna. The aim is to rethink revitalization through transferring know-how and promising practices. The local actors consist of public authorities and other relevant stakeholders such as scholars, communities and local businesses.

Expected results:
- knowledge transfer to local authorities and stakeholders
- learning from best practices on urban development
- re-use of existing buildings in a contemporary way
- creating opportunities for small and medium local business

Implemented activities

Data collection in Lezha
Mapping of buildings and stakeholders

Available materials

Publication: Revitalizing vacant spaces in Lezha

Project description
Project process
Lezha webinars
Inspiring case of revitalisation

Further information and contact

Bahanur Nasya –
Francesco Remonato –