Gennadiy Kosyak

First name Gennadiy
Last name Kosyak
Twitter @coe
Organisation Centre for Expertise for Local Government Reform, Council of Europe
Country France
Session Practice Session 3 - Modern Human Resource Management for Better Public Governance
Presentation Title The Governance Tools of the Council of Europe
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Gennadiy Kosyak

Gennadiy Kosyak, international lawyer by background, was performing in different functions at the Council of Europe since 1998. He was primarily in charge of the technical assistance programmes in the area of the Rule of Law, Human Rights, legislative development and reform. At different stages of his career, he was also acting as a Deputy Director for Legal Policy and Head of Co-operation Department at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, a Head of the Council of Europe Office in Montenegro and was also providing policy advice to the Ukrainian Government on the matters of legal approximation with the European Union.

Currently, he is a Senior Programmes Manager and Co-ordinator in the Department of Good Governance and Democratic Institutions at the Directorate General of Democracy in the Council of Europe, providing legal and policy advice and also running a number high profile programmes in the area of strengthening local democracy in various countries including Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia and Ukraine, etc. and the projects under the Eastern Partnership framework.

The Governance Tools of the Council of Europe (PDF)


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