Fatos Mustafa

First name Fatos
Last name Mustafa
Twitter @ReSPA EU
Organisation Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA)
Website http://www.respaweb.eu/
Country Montenegro
Session Practice Session 3 - Modern Human Resource Management for Better Public Governance
Presentation Title Managing Public Employment – Towards Merit Based Recruitment in Public Administration in the Western Balkans
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Fatos Mustafa

Fatos Mustafa is a national and regional (Western Balkan) public administration professional from Kosovo. He has managed public administration reform and capacity buildings programs focused on good governance, EU integration, public procurement and civil society development in Kosovo and Western Balkan region for the past 14 years. Most recently he was a Seconded National Expert serving in the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA). While there he supported human resources management and development (HRMD), public administration reform throughout the Western Balkans as well as administrative procedures. Prior to this, managed public administration reform in the Government of Kosovo in designing programs aimed at identifying best practices in public policy, good governance and community engagement on a range of issues from, policy and legal coordination, public/civil sector reform, economic governance and E-governance.

Previously, Mr. Mustafa was engaged as legal intern for GeenMax Capital Advisors in New York, USA. While there he examined the opportunities for energy efficiency investments in all segments of the Kosovo building sector in central government, municipal, commercial and residential, and a legal and regulatory frameworks review covering budgetary, banking, public finance, public procurement and energy laws, financing mechanisms have been designed together with a roadmap for implementation.

He is to graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY (USA) and RIT Kosovo in Applied Professional Studies with an emphasis on public policy and services and project management. He grew up in Kosovo and received a Bachelor’s degree in Law Science from the University of Prishtina in Kosovo and the State University of Tetovo in Macedonia.

Mr. Mustafa has participated in many professional and seasonal trainings in different fields, worldwide.

Managing Public Employment – Towards Merit Based Recruitment in Public Administration in the Western Balkans (PDF)


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