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Assistance to NALAS

NALAS - Network of Local Authorities of South-East Europe ( gathers 16 associations. The Network represents a unique regional platform for cooperation and exchange of experiences between municipal professionals and decision-makers from the region. As such, it is one of the main partner to KDZ and AACT in implementation of the BACID Programme and various publications are result of this cooperation:
Task Force on Energy Efficiency publications:
Applying EU legislation for EE measures
Task Force on Urban Planning publications:
Land management and taxation practices

Open Government Implementation Model

The Open Government Implementation Model (Version 2) has been developed by KDZ for the City of Vienna, as contribution to its Open Government Strategy:

LOGON Network 1998-2008

LOGON (Local Governments Network of Central and Eastern European Countries) was an EU funded project lead by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns in patnership with the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and 24 local government associations from 19 countries. The purpose of the project was exchange of know-how of local governments in EU Member States on how to build capacity for effectively dealing with EU policies and the challenges and opportunities of EU membership. The project results are presented in several publications on the role and obligations of local governments in the EU:
LOGON Report 1999
LOGON Report 2000
LOGON Report 2002
LOGON Reader 2004
LOGON Studies 2004
LOGON Report 2005
LOGON Report 2008