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[[Media:CAF-PEF-Brochure.pdf|CAF-PEF-Brochure]]<br />
*[[Media:CAF-PEF-Brochure.pdf|CAF-PEF-Brochure]]<br />
[[Media:20190923CAF Guideline short english 2019 tp.pdf|20190923CAF Guideline short english 2019 tp.pdf]]<br />
*[[Media:20190923CAF Guideline short english 2019 tp.pdf|Better quality in public sector organisations - CAF Guideline 2019]]<br />

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Danube Governance Hub Forum - Establishing CAF Structures and Resource Centers

Vienna, 7th of November 2019
Location: Sky Lounge / University of Vienna / 12. OG (12th floor) / Oskar Morgenstern-Platz 1 / 1090 Vienna

About the Forum

This forum is designed for CAF correspondents and senior quality management experts in the public sector applying Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as a quality management tool and planning to build up CAF Resource Centres.
This forum addresses the following key questions:

  • What are the CAF structures, strategies, implementations and experiences in EU countries?
  • How to build up CAF-Resource Centers?
  • Which steps in Western Balkan countries need to be done to implement CAF and Quality Management?


Please download the agenda here ==> Agenda - DGH Forum 2019

Further Information

Please find here materials of the forum:

1 CAF structures in Europe
2 CAF structures Slovenia
3 CAF structures North Macedonia
4 CAF structures Poland
5 CAF structures Portugal
6 CAF structures Austria
7 CAF implementation Philip Parzer
8 ReSPA Regional Quality Centre
9.1 CAF external feedback Thomas Prorok
9.2 CAF external feedback Belgium
10 CAF in Bulgaria

Speakers List

Will be added soon.


Will be added soon.