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|Programme Component=BACID Fund for Know-how Transfer Actions
|Programme Component=BACID Fund for Know-how Transfer Actions
|Call=Call 1 (2015)
|Call=Call 1 (2015)
|Priority Theme=Sustainable City
|Priority Theme=Sustainable City
|Topic=Smart City - Local economic development
|Topic=Smart City - Local economic development

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Name Common Action for Communal and Regional Development
Country Macedonia"Macedonia" is not in the list (Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina - Federation BiH, Bosnia and Hercegovina - Republic of Srpska, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, The whole region, North Macedonia) of allowed values for the "Country" property.
Programme Component BACID Fund for Know-how Transfer Actions"BACID Fund for Know-how Transfer Actions" is not in the list (Danube Governance Hub, LOGON, BACID Fund) of allowed values for the "Programme Component" property. Call 1 (2015)
Year 2015
Priority Theme Sustainable City
Topic Smart City - Local economic development
Implementing Organisations Interkulturelles Zentrum
Partner Organisations Community Development Institute; Municipality of Jegunovce
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Objectives and results

The action aims at supporting local administration and NGOs in designing strategy for the communal and economic development of ethnically mixed communities of the Polog region, with focus on agricultural producer organizations.
Results of the project are:
1. Strategic guidelines for communal & regional economic development;
2. Transfer of know-how regarding EU standards on communal&regional development;
3. Strategy will serve as a base for future development of projects.

Implemented activities

1: Stakeholder meeting at Municipality of Jegunovce with introduction to the situation
2: Visit of the communities (Jegunovce and neighbouring municipalities), in particular agricultural and business units
3: Working meeting aiming at designing a basic frame for a strategic plan.

Available materials

Further information and contact

Gertraud Illmeier
Interkulturelles Zentrum
IZ and Project partners