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==[[Good_Practices|BACID projects and practices]]==
==[[Good_Practices|BACID projects and practices]]==
[[Map|larger map >>]]
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BACID projects and practices


About the project

BACID II is the second phase of the programme “Building Administrative Capacity in the Danube Region and Western Balkans (2018-2021)”. Funded by the Austrian Development Agency the programme BACID is implemented by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns (AACT) and the KDZ-Centre for Public Administration Research and aims to:

  • strengthening Governance and Public Administration Reform and
  • supporting European Integration on local and regional level.


  • BACID Fund: Small grants programme for exchanging knowledge between partners from Austria and Western Balkan & Moldova to strengthen governance.
  • Danube Governance Hub: Establishing a Regional Quality Center for Public Sector and supporting Public Administration Reform.
  • LOGON: Preparing local level for EU-integration, supporting the Regional Decentralisation Observatory and Budget Transparency.


  • Regional School for Public Administration of the Western Balkans (ReSPA)
  • Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS)

The partner countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and the Republic of Moldova.

More information about the Programme is available on the webpage: About BACID.

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