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Fourth Call - eight projects awarded


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Within the Fourth BACID Call for proposals the grant contracts were signed for the following projects:

  1. Connecting Laktasi-Tourism to Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska)
  2. District Heating on Biomass in the Municipality of Titel - case study analysis and directions for financing (Serbia)
  3. Framework and Procedures in Vocational Rehabilitation in Macedonia (Macedonia)
  4. Enhanced capacities of the Albanian municipalities in partnerships building and designing feasible projects under EU programmes (Albania)
  5. Nurturing social enterprises in active labour market policies framework for inclusive local growth in Macedonia (Macedonia)
  6. Startups, SMEs and Local Economical Development in Serbia (Serbia)
  7. Capacity building for social entrepreneurship (Serbia)
  8. Connecting Republic of Srpska agriculture to Austria and establish a Marketing and Export Centre in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina: Republic of Srpska)