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Fifth Call - twelve projects awarded!


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Within the Fifth BACID Call for proposals, the grant contracts were signed for the following projects:

  1. Improving the financing environment for renewable energy projects through local administrative capacity building (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska)
  2. Waste Management – Case Study Analysis, Evaluation and Financing Possibilities (Serbia)
  3. Skopje Urban Lab - urban revitalization through local economic development (Macedonia)
  4. Promoting LEADER in Austria for the development and strengthening of LEADER in Macedonia (Macedonia)
  5. Water Safety & Water Resource Management Workshop in Albania (Albania)
  6. Creating preconditions for better HR policy framework in local government units in the Federation of BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  7. Equal Opportunities – Gender Equality (Montenegro)
  8. Strengthening project development capacity with focus EIDHR and Civil society grants in Lezha and Mirdita (Albania)
  9. Metropolitan Innovation Systems (MIS) of Capital Cities in Western Balkan Countries and Moldova – Baseline Assessment and Potential Capacity Building in the EU-Context (South-East Europe)
  10. Building administrative capacities with focus on IPARD (as preparation for Common Agricultural Policy) and other EU funds (Serbia)
  11. Community TV goes Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)