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Activities Governance Forum



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ActivityProgramme ComponentTopicYearCountry
CAF Workshop with the Serbian Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-governmentGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringEU Integrations2015Serbia
Governance Forum December 2016Governance Forum - Workshops and conferencesEU Integrations2016The whole region
Mentoring on CAF to the Civil Service Agency of the Republic of SrpskaGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringEU Integrations2017Bosnia and Hercegovina - Republic of Srpska
Mentoring on Public-Private Partnership to the City of Banja LukaGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringSmart City - Local economic development2017Bosnia and Hercegovina - Republic of Srpska
Mentoring on Transparency and Citizen’s Requests in DrenasGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringSmart City - Modern management2017Kosovo
Mentoring to City of Podgorica in Public-Private PartnershipGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringSmart City - Local economic development2015Montenegro
Mentoring to Ministry of Information Society and Administration to Open GovernmentGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringSmart City - E-Government/ICT2016Macedonia
Mentoring to the Albanian Association of Municipalities on municipal internal organisationGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringEU Integrations2016Albania
Mentoring to the FBIH Civil Service Agency on CAFGovernance Forum - Sustainable MentoringEU Integrations2016Bosnia and Hercegovina - Federation BiH
Support to ReSPA in Quality ManagmentGovernance Forum - Workshops and conferencesEU Integrations2015The whole region