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9th ReSPA Annual Conference on Optimisation of Public Administration


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The Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), gathering the countries of the Western Balkans, is organising its 9th Annual Conference on 15-16th November 2016 in Podgorica, Montenegro. The event is dedicated to exchange of experiences and presentations of different methodologies and innovative practices in optimization of public administration in the Western Balkans. ReSPA has chosen this topic so as to help demystify optimization as one of most important mechanisms for pushing public administration reforms towards creation of more rational, transparent and accountable services for the citizens of this region. The expected impact of the ReSPA's Annual Conference is initiation of a more permanent experience exchange and concrete follow-up activities related to the systemic changes needed for effective optimization of public administration.
The BACID programme is cooperating actively with ReSPA and its memebers in sharing Austrian exepreinces in the field, and Mr. Thomas Prorok, KDZ Deputy Manager, will participate in the discussion on the topic "Quality in Public Administration and Service Delivery as a Driving Factor for the Optimization of Public Administration Institutions"..
Conference video link for 15th November:
Conference video link for 16th Novembar:
Twitter: #ReSPAconf; @ReSPA_EU

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